Astro 101 | The Zodiac Circle of Animals


ASTRO 101 | The Zodiac Circle of Animals

WEDNESDAY, 6/13/18, 5:30-7pm | at The Ninth House | 236 S. Scott Avenue | Downtown Tucson 

$20 | Limited to 10 Participants

Pattern recognition is a considerable survival skill. One of the earliest patterns to catch our ancestors attention was the Sun and the Moon. The trail markers along the Sun's route are particular groups of stars (constellations) positioned end-to-end in a great circular band, like a celestial storyboard. By recognizing patterns in the stars, we remember our ancestors and their stories about how our world was created. In this way, the sky was our original storybook, map, art gallery, and reference library.

Many traditions recognize twelve elliptical constellations, and most represent animals, real and mythic, so they became known as the Zodiac, Greek for "animal circle." We use this animal circle as a kind of map to illustrate the narrow portion of the sky shown in an astrological chart, useful for orienting ourselves to the sky. In this workshop you will learn about the 12 Zodiac Signs and gain a basic understanding of Astrology terminology.