DEEP REST | Monthly New Moon Yin & Yoga Nidra



NEW MOON YIN & YOGA NIDRA | Monthly Extended Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra offering on the Saturday nearest to the New Moon | NEW TIME>>> 4:30-7pm | at The Yoga Alchemy Sanctuary | West Tucson | Sandario & Mile Wide Road

On Saturday, May 4, 2019 I will offer my Monthly New Moon Yin & Yoga Nidra Ritual themed on the New Moon in Taurus. Taurus Season (4/20-5/20) builds on what we learn in the current Aries Season (3/21-4/19). Through Aries we are able to identify our Self, and with Taurus we can project that sense onto the world; doing so by grabbing, touching, and tasting everything in sight! Aries inspires us to come into the world with the motto “I AM,” and Taurus follows with “I HAVE” - as we see what the Earth has to offer and desire to make it ours. As an Earth sign, Taurus inspires our connection to the material realm and all its treasures - like lots of money, timeless art, good food, and great sex. Taurus is here to remind us that Earth is a playground for the senses, and appreciation of the sensory experience at the most exalted levels is what this month’s theme is here to teach us.

In the physical body Taurus rules the Neck and you can gain a clear understanding as to how balanced or unbalanced your Taurus energy is by examining how expressive your neck is. If you experience neck tension, stiffness or aching, restricted range of motion, cough, sore throat or thyroid imbalance, your Taurus energy might be fixed. Maybe instead you feel like your neck muscles are weak, have hypermobility, instability, or constant urge to crack your neck - all indicating a desirous Taurus energy.

In the energetic body Taurus rules the Heart Chakra (along with Libra, both ruled by the Planet Venus). The Heart Chakra’s psychological focus is on love, beauty, allurement, and it governs our capacity for harmony in all romantic and social interactions. Taurus is Love. Taurus is about the pursuit, acceptance, and rejection of this magical, ethereal energy. When we feel loved, we are invincible; when we feel rejected, we are lost and depressed. The lesson of Taurus is to compromise, to accept that love can exist in an imperfect environment.

I have room for 10 participants to join me for an evening of Deep Rest as we welcome another lunar cycle and commit to living more passionately. To be present and uphold relationships in life, love, and work is what being in this world is all about! Come, Join me for an evening of Meditation, Yoga, and Healing, all while embraced in the heart of Mother Nature here at the Sanctuary.


For the New Moon in Taurus Ritual, Registration must be received by 4/28/19.


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