DEEP REST | Monthly New Moon Yin & Yoga Nidra



NEW MOON YIN & YOGA NIDRA | Monthly Extended Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra offering on the Saturday nearest to the New Moon | 3-5:30pm | at The Yoga Alchemy Sanctuary | West Tucson | Sandario & Mile Wide Road

On Saturday, April 6, 2019 I will offer my Monthly New Moon Yin & Yoga Nidra Ritual themed on the New Moon in Aries. The Zodiac is a cycle that starts with Aries (3/21-4/19) and ends at Pisces (2/19-3/20), only to begin again. It represents your metaphysical birth into the world by introducing YOU, who you are and what you are here to do. It is your sense of Self. A recognition that you possess your own unique head (the region of the body Aries rules) and feet (the region of the body Pisces rules), wants and needs. Aries immerses you in individuation by helping you tune in to your truest self and consciously assert it in your surroundings.

Headstrong is a term that applies well to Aries energy, not least of all because the head is the sign’s related body region. Everyone’s head is physically strong in order to protect the brain, the command center of the body. Mentally, the Aries in each of us must maintain a clear head to be aware of all that we might experience so we can pick and choose our own adventures. Spiritually, Aries is here to inspire us to declare our presence in the world with a purposeful “I AM!” and a will to survive that is reflected in the very Season of birth - Spring! Like the seed in Spring that knows it will eventually grow to be a tree, each of us has the potential to become a pioneer, pushing onward and upward with purpose.

Aries is connected to our Solar Plexus Chakra. Self-confidence and self-esteem are keywords for this energy center. The opposing force to our self-confidence are things like self-sabotage, shyness, depression, and the fear of being all that we can be. With a balanced Solar Plexus, we see and live in the world with joy, optimism, and a positive attitude. And when we are filled with joy, it is easy to be enthusiastic, self-confident, and courageous. It takes courage to shine our light brightly and having self-confidence propels us forward to achieve our heart’s desires.

I have room for 10 participants to join me for an afternoon of Deep Rest as we welcome another lunar cycle and commit to living more passionately. To be present and uphold relationships in life, love, and work is what being in this world is all about!


5/4, 6/1, 6/29, 8/3, 9/28, 10/26, 11/30, 12/28